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Palaia Winery and Meadery "Pa-Lie-Ahh"...named for our winemaker's grandfather, Angelo Palaia who emigrated here from Italy and passed his winemaking skills on to his son and grandson!


We have taken the basics he gave us, and with modern winemaking techniques have been able to make some truly outstanding wines and meads. Here at Sweet Clover Farm, we believe in celebrating and preserving the history of our family, country, town and homestead.


We are proud to be the owners of a working farm that has been in the Hudson Valley for over 200 years. Once a dairy farm, it is now home to over 10 Acres of vineyards.


The 200- year old bank barn was restored in 2003   and is now a beautiful, clean winery on the lower level, with storage and a tasting room above preserving the look and feel of the historical building. We invite you to come and visit. Explore and Celebrate the history around us !




Our Vibe here is all hanging out and listening to some of the Hudson Valley's best artists while sipping on our delicious selection of wines. Not only are our wines delicious but they are all approachable, fun and pair well with a variety of your favorite foods. We have 13 award-winning wines spanning the spectrum from crisp and dry, to sweet and mellow.

Along with our amazing tribe of staffers and servers, our customers are like family and are always greeted with a smile. We leave the pretense about wine at the door, everyone is welcome and what ever YOU like is the right wine for you!


We also encourage you to explore our community and buy local!


Not only are we a close knit community at the winery, we are a part of a tribe here in the Hudson Valley that is second to none.


From our historic landmarks, unparalleled scenery, amazing cuisine, tourist destinations and being the nation's leading hot spot for craft beverage production, you don't want to pass up the thousands of opportunities to soak in the local atmosphere!

All of our grapes are sourced from either our own vines or New York State vineyards. We use real fruit in our meads

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